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Transform Your Team's Experience with Custom Games and Goodies

Boost team spirit, enhance collaboration, and create memorable experiences by partnering with us for all your corporate gaming and merchandise needs.

Custom Game Creation

Unlock the full potential of your team with our custom game creation services, designed to meet your specific professional goals.

We work with a team of authors, graphic designers and manufacturers from the tabletop industry to create a unique game that reflects your image.

From concept to realisation, we work with you to choose the services that best meet your needs.

Conseil et définition du thème

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Création et tests

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Direction artistique

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Suivi et fabrication

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Goodies and Promotional Items

Enhance your corporate events and campaigns with your custom-made goodies and promotional items, perfect for leaving a lasting impression.

Whether internal or external, we handle everything from concept to production.


From simple pens to t-shirts, water bottles, and stickers, we create unique merchandise that leaves a lasting impression.


Direction artistique

Fabrication et livraison

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Design and Illustration

Bring your games and goodies to life with our unique design and illustration services, tailored to create visually stunning and engaging game experiences.

Our Design and Illustrations service offers comprehensive artistic direction for your games and goodies.


With a diverse catalog of over 20 artists, including graphic designers, illustrators, and layout artists, we ensure the perfect match for your vision.


Whether you need guidance on the artistic direction or specific design elements, our team provides expert advice and high-quality creative solutions tailored to your needs.

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